Fall is here!

Firestone Double Barrel Ale

The temperature in San Diego has dipped below 70, so fall is officially here. Marisa made some white bean and chicken chili to celebrate, so of course, we had to find a nice fall brew to accompany it. Firestone Double Barrel Ale was first, with its warm amber hue and hoppy, full bodied taste … a perfect accompaniment to a chili main course. The first sip is reminiscent of an IPA; a little bitter and the hops really come through, but the finish is smooth and malty like a traditional english ale. The next bottle for sampling was Lagunitas IPA , and like Firestone, it’s from California. Unfortunately, CJ couldn’t taste the difference between the two – she thought they both started out bitter but she drank them quickly and she liked them both. Marisa would like to note that, while this is most definitely an IPA, it lacks the strong floral bouquet that you would find with most others. The flavors that come through the most are the pine and orange rind, which make for a more bitter start and finish, which discourages those without an appreciation for craft beer. So to those who have tried IPA as their first craft beer: persevere!! There are many other styles that will delight your taste buds, and chances are, we’ll tell you about them here. 🙂

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