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Where in the World is Hess Brewing Co?

Marisa looking for Hess Brewing

We are both big fans of “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” and we found ourselves singing the theme song while trying to find Hess Brewing. The good news is, it was worth the search!

When we walked into the brewery, it is a true nano with a space about as big as a one car garage plus storage. But don’t let the size fool you – they are making some really interesting beers. We talked with Mike (both owners are named Mike, so it’s easy to remember!) and ordered the 5 tasters with a souvenir pint glass – which is really good looking. After tasting the first beer, which was a Kolsch, we noticed the strong nose of the beer (which means you can smell all the ingredients before you taste them) and asked Mike why this occurs.

It's in the back of the building!

Mike told us that they use a technique called dry hopping which means they add in hops during the fermentation stage which really increases the flavor. He also said they do not filter their beers, and this makes for more prominent flavors both upfront and while drinking. CJ liked the Kolsch and thought their carbonation was perfect and the taste was very robust – especially for this light of a beer. Marisa liked the Vienna Creme Ale. She was expecting a lighter beer more absent of flavor, but she tasted quite the opposite. Overall, we liked their selections and wish them the best as they grow. So, when you are in San Diego, make a point to try out Alesmith and Hess: two little breweries that are big on the craft brew scene.