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A Night at Stone Brewery

It’s San Diego Beer Week and we have been celebrating apart from the crowd. We spent an afternoon at Coronado Brewing Company and took home two pints glasses since they had a promotion of $6 per glass with $4 refills (and we WILL be going back). Next, we took friends to Stone Brewing for a special evening. Firestone Walker was there premiering their new releases – so it was difficult (OK, impossible) to get on a tour at 5, 6, 7, 8 ….. and if you are visiting the Brewery during the weekend (even without a special event in the mix), plan on spending the whole afternoon there in order to get on the tour list! You can sign up 2 hours in advance – so get there at 3 to sign up for the 5 pm tour (or just go during the week!)

So, after sitting an hour and a half waiting for our 6 pm reservation, we finally got smart and found seating at the indoor bar. We were greeted by Kayle, the no-nonsense straightforward bartender who really appreciates women who know beer. He knew of the Brew Babes from our tweets – which made us ridiculously happy.

After a glass of this year’s Vertical Epic Ale (CJ’s favorite beer right now), Kayle challenged us to figure out the next pour. After looking over the draft beer menu of 40 selections, Marisa knew immediately it was an IPA and then based on the color, decided the only logical guess was the Stone IPA. Kayle was pretty amazed but had tried to trick us even further because it was only 5/6th Stone IPA. The remaining part was Arrogant Bastard. Still, he gave us the next beer on the house for Marisa’s fabulous efforts – and so we are celebrating our first free beer as bloggers! Our plan is working!

Finally a table came open on the second floor overlooking the bar, which is the best seat in the house. During our wait, we had checked into Foursquare and read all the tips and based on that information, decided to order the pretzels as an appetizer. Do it! Well worth the $8. Dinner for the babes was a delicious lamb, cooked perfectly and our guests shared the Yakisoba, which they thought was the best one they have ever tasted. (If you like a little spice!) We ended with the brownie dessert, also a Foursquare suggestion that was spot on. Nom.

And if you go to Stone, stop by the bar and say hi to Kayle from the Brew Babes. Just don’t bring up the subject of women bartenders, unless you want to hear tales of their ineptitude. We do agree with Kayle that you aren’t a real bartender until you can change your own keg. And that there are many women bartenders who are not as educated as their customers about craft beer. So take the time to learn your products and you will make Kayle happy .. and us too.


How to get women to drink craft beer

Marisa and I have been talking a lot about women, marketing and beer. First, there was the excellent article from Drink with the Wench about how women’s bodies have sold beer for ages. Then, there was an article about how breweries can market to women. So we have been talking about the social marketing aspect of craft brew: how can we convince women to change their behavior and order craft beer at the bar?

I have not done any focus groups or looked at demographics of what age groups of women currently drink craft beer, but I am going to guess it is an over 25 market. Although this article says a growing group is the over-50 year olds! And given what we know about how women behave, the campaign will need to be bigger than one brewery and focused on female lifestyle. What do I mean? Women are joiners. We like to hang out and talk with other women. We like to share tips and feel connected and valued by our community – whether it is on-line or real life. So a successful campaign will need to tap (pun intended) into those values.

I can see messages aimed at moms who have worked hard all day, put the kids to bed – and now need some “mommy time” with a good cold craft beer. I can see networks of women talking on the internet about their favorite beers and arranging meet-ups with new friends – perhaps even traveling to out of town breweries. Marisa also commented that she sees a trend with breweries arranging food and beer pairings just for women – so that should be part of the marketing strategy as well.

What are your thoughts? The big brewers have certainly tried to increase the number of female beer drinkers by going after the light beer market. But what can the craft beer market do to get women to join us?

From the web:
Beer Trends: “Women are also drinking a lot of micro brewed beer. According to a National Restaurant Association survey, about half of women are ordering microbrews when eating out. Microbrewers must be even more aware of this trend in beer than industrial brewers.